Unlisted Gaming is an online clan for gamers of the ages 18 or older.  The premise of the clan is so that adults can play with other like minded adults and have always have somebody have your back.  We uphold a high standard of respect for each other and opposing teams. We also hold maturity as the most important pillar of our team.  

We're currently in the growing period of  the team and are always looking for new members to be the foundation of a soon to be juggernaut.  Currently we operate only in Call of Duty Black Ops 2.  Two of the divisions, American Competitive and European Competitive, play competitively in Black Ops 2.  The Casual Core division is our talent development area for the competitive divisions.  However future expansion into other franchises is imminent and we're always looking for oppurtunitites to grow.

To join the clan, read the Join/News/Contact tab.  To learn more about the structure of each division, read the divisions page.  Enjoy the website and remember to be mature.

Currently we only operate in call of duty.  We have 3 divisions. 

Our Casual Division plays online all the time.  Our competitive divisions, both American and European, play tournaments and gamebattles.  We also have a Casual division that serves as our talent development area for the competitive divisions.  

To challenge the American Competitive division to a match or scrim contact Unlisted SIN (who currently is the leader until a permanent division leader is appointed).

To challenge the European Competitive division to a match or scrim, contact Unlisted Flux.

Find us on Major League Gaming and/or GameBattles to schedule matches or schedule scrimmages.

​Find us on Call of Duty Elite and apply to join the team and join to be apart of clan ops and increase the clan level and K/D ratio.  Also, compete in daily and weekly challenges.